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Maidy Morhous

Contemporary Sculpture

An accomplished printmaker as well as sculptor Maidy Morhous was born in Upstate New York. She currently creates out of her studio in Del Mar thirty minutes north of San Diego, California. Morhous received her Master of Fine Arts degree while continuing studies at Stanley Hayter’s Atelier 17 in Paris, France in the mid-1970’s. Before returning to the States she traveled to Italy to study casting techniques at the Marinelli Foundry, in Florence.  Morhous became fascinated with how bronze; a cold hard metal could take on such a soft sensuous appearance, and has since worked exclusively with bronze as her form of creative expression.


Morhous explains, “I begin with an idea, an emotion, an abstract concept.  As a piece develops, my original concept evolves, solidifies, or in some cases, changes completely. I see my work as relating collectively rather than as individualistic, the embodiment of feelings and emotions. In this way, my artwork is meant to be symbolic rather than representative.”


Maidy Morhous’ sculptures cannot be taken in with one glance. They expose the viewer to and pull him in to react and question what he is viewing; be it to question life and one’s existence, the world’s plight or just to bring a smile. Morhous has spent years examining social critique, political and cultural issues. . The resistance to the oppression of socially inscribed narratives and socially dominating practice presented sublimely to the viewer and open to interpretation Her new direction is devoid of the human form, which permeated most of her prior sculptures, adding a refreshing twist on commentary. 



Morhous is currently showing in several exhibits across the country including a solo exhibition at Tohoku Fukushi University, Sendai, Japan. She is also featured in the award winning documentary film “One,” by Heartland Films Inc. Her commissioned sculpture “Humanity” is the subject of the documentary and stands in J street park, Encinitas, CA. Other artwork can be viewed (3) in Del Mar, (1) at the Plaza and (2) at Scripps Clinic, Carmel Valley. Maidy’s work can be found in public and private collections in the United States, Japan, Europe and Canada.


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