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Japan Earthquake Tsunami "3-11-11 We Will Remember"

The Sea beneath rise

Crying screaming flood the land

Weeping willow tree

I arrived in Japan March, 2011 to visit a society infused by elements of nature, honor, grace and ritual. As an artist, I came away with an admiration and great respect for the people; their sense of order, beauty, and love of nature. Little did I know that I would be part of one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of Japan.

Having experienced the Great Tohoku Earthquake 3/11/11; watching the subsequent tsunami, I felt true helplessness. I came away from the experience totally distraught knowing I needed to do something for the people.

As a sculptor, I created a series of three bronze sculptures, so future generations and visitors alike will not forget the devastation this community endured. The sculptures titled Mamoru, Sendai, and Fukkou are the embodiment of feelings and emotions, thus they are meant to be symbolic rather than representative. The fright and fear of the people that day is portrayed through Mamoru. Sendai symbolizes the overwhelming helplessness of a people totally inundated by the forces of nature. Fukkou, the third in the series, signifies the resurgence of the people while resurrecting their lives and their city; to return to a balanced peace, harmony and tranquility.

The sculptures are meant to be a physical reminder to future generations of the devastation that day, while symbolizing the ability of a people to move forward, while never forgetting.


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