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FACEBOOK and Contemporary sculptor Maidy Morhous

I created a Facebook page for my artwork. My page is to be solely about my creativity, be it writing, poetry, sculpting, and blogging. I do not post every time I walk on the beach to clear my head and get some exercise, nor do I post what I ate for breakfast – spare me and all my artist friends such garbage. I refuse to comment on the political scene of late, and I will not get involved with the religious zealots spouting their faith and ultimatums~

My page is to be all about my daily inspirations, but as a sculptor trying to post daily is a problem. I am a bronze sculptor; I create in oil clay, and then create a mold of my artwork and a Foundry casts my piece into bronze. It can take months to create, then months to receive artwork back from the Foundry, at which point hoping that the patina is exactly what I desire otherwise it’s back to the Foundry. You can see my dilemma – I’ll be posting new work twice a year at this rate!

I realize to become known in the art world an artist must be in the public eye; some chance I have with posts every few months! My En Plein Air painting friends are out enjoying the sun, painting and posting daily while I struggle to refrain from commenting on Jill’s beautiful begonias!!

A few months ago I took a workshop from an artist friend that truly inspired me to try painting – something I have never attempted. I am now wildly experimenting with techniques that are truly, if not original, rather zany; with results are from bad to halfway decent. I have found an inner peace in painting that I also find in sculpting, and enjoy moving from my painting room to my sculpting studio to create – I know that sounds a little pretentious, but actually my painting room is storage for sculptures. It is truly liberating in that I have no great expectations thus any pressure!

Back to Facebook; I have been truthful to my goal of the page containing only posts about my artwork, but am now able to post more than just my sculptures – painting, poetry, blogs and events so that just maybe my name will become familiar to more than my immediate family!!

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