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Owning an Original…the Gift for Generations by Maidy Morhous

Walls freshly painted, new sofa, coffee table and book shelves look perfect – well almost perfect - for to have that “homey” effect your home needs ART – wall art, table art, small personal items that speak to the owner and all others.

But where do you look? You could go to Target, but you’d be buying what ten million others have bought and replaced time after time because they are just reproductions of kitsch!

Too often I see people lose their courage, even when it comes to just looking at art. Galleries are partly to blame, as they can be intimidating, yet people who will spend thousands on computers, televisions, and games have no confidence when it comes to choosing and buying a piece of art.

Ironically, the televisions, games, and computers all wear out and are forgotten or replaced. A painting chosen from the heart can be a lifetime investment—or even longer.

Taking time to walk through a gallery or art show can be rewarding all by itself, in a deeply restorative way. And if you do choose to buy fine art, it should be an extremely personal choice. But consider this “You do not have to decide which artist is good, bad, or great. All you have to do is listen to yourself as to whatever brings you an experience of peace, happiness, inspiration . . . or whatever qualities you value most.

So shop with confidence that when you purchase an original piece of art… it can be a gift for generations to come! Visit

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