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New York, New York! by Maidy Morhous

New York - a vibrant, energetic, never ending city…plenty to see and do, a city that proudly claims it never sleeps!

We flew in on a beautiful Thursday evening and made our way by taxi to our hotel. My daughter tagged along to attend the art show reception of my art at the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery in the Noho district.

A stranger to the city I booked a room in the Theater District near Times Square, so we could be “up close and personal” to all the vibrancy the city has to offer. We dropped our bags and headed to Times Square to see the image we had so many times seen on television, in magazines, billboards. You’ve got to see it to believe it, no photo of Times Square can do it justice …you literally have to be physically there to believe what an intense impact it has on a person; huge screens that tower overhead, flashing lights, people rushing past, sitting, walking, dressed as anything you can imagine (yes, the Naked Cowboy was there in all his gloryJ ), horns honking, music and sirens blasting, people singing, yelling, talking…only in New York!

Who said hailing a taxi was easy? We arrived at the Art Gallery Reception fashionably late, and were surprised as to the crowds in attendance. In the sea of unfamiliar faces I wandered around to first view the art and then stand by my work so we could text a picture to my husband back home. It was then that I heard my name called out and turned to see an acquaintance who had taken the one hour train ride in from Long Island to attend. All in all four friends dropped by to see the show… in the sea of unfamiliar faces…it was delightful!

An artist puts himself on display each time he exhibits one of his pieces, never knowing how receptive the public will be. As I stood next to my sculpture called “Metamorphism” a man walked up and pointed past me to my piece and exclaimed “I love it, that’s one of the best pieces in the show.” After turning to see what piece he was talking about, I proudly introduced myself as the artist, and struck up a conversation. Who says New Yorker’s are unapproachable? That made my day!

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