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The Movie "ONE" and the sculpture HUMANITY by Maidy Morhous

Posted on Facebook by the President of Heartland Films:Maidy Morhous has generously agreed to create a bronze sculpture named "Humanity" that will weave it's way into my newest film ONE - the movie. The process will take 9 months and will be filmed. The piece will be installed and dedicated in conjunction with the film's premiere. Watch for images on the film's facebook page. S. Vicory - President Heartland Films

"I am inspired by the depth and breadth of bronze sculpting. The soft malleable aspect of clay allows my work to develop naturally while the strength and power of the metal evoke sensuality, passion. I begin with an idea, an emotion, an abstract concept, or a photograph. As the piece develops, my original concept evolves, solidifies, or in some cases, changes completely. I see my figures as relating collectively rather than as individuals. They are celebrations of the flowing sensuous curves of the human form. They are the embodiment of feelings and emotions. In this way, they are meant to be symbolic rather than representative.

The act of creating is an emotional release; it centers one, giving an inner peace which allows us to reflect not only on who we are but how we think and feel. I realize now, that the pride of being an artist comes not from what one sells, but the inner peace one derives from the act of creating."

A foot print in the sand that the tide does not erase~

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