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It's all about the Pour with bronze sculpting!

This post is for all the "non-bronzing" artists and non-artists in general; I am constantly asked as to the method of the Lost wax technique of bronze casting. This U-Tube video briefly gives viewers a glance at the intensity, and seriousness, of the pour. That is heating and pouring of molten bronze into molds to create bronze sculptures! This is but the beginning of a bronze sculpture for when the metal cools it must be released from the mold, sprues (venting devise) ground off, pieces welded together (if more than 1-cavity mold) and then ground down, refinished and finally the piece is again heated and a patina (chemical reaction) covers the piece; be it the classic museum bronze to a creme marbleized patina. A whole bunch of work to achieve the final artwork. Thank you California Sculpture Academy for filming this bronze pour~

the final product! enjoy the video~

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