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Why I chose to use the human form in my artwork by Maidy Morhous

My artwork is embedded in social critique, political and cultural issues. The resistance to the oppression of socially inscribed narratives and socially dominating practice presented sublimely to the viewer and open to interpretation.

These themes are often presented by using the human form to express suppression and the social issues affecting the world. The use of a crème marbleized patina establishes a dream-like surreal quality, suggesting notions of purity and safety, as well as a modern look to the sculptures. I see my work as relating collectively rather than as individualistic; the embodiment of feelings and emotions. In this way, my artwork is meant to be symbolic rather than representative.

Art is a form of communication between the artist and the viewer. Art is about vision, and how that vision is expressed is what can create a strong emotional pull for the observer. The human body is essential to our understanding facets of identity; such as sexuality, race, and ethnicity, and I believe the human form best expresses the theme of socially inscribed narratives.

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